Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Film Favorites - 2007

Happy New Year to all! And with the start of a new year, I'm ready to post my favorite films from 2007. Because "best and worst" is so subjective, this is just a list of films from this year that I enjoyed. Right now my 2007 list numbers around 30 films (more on that later) and I still have a few to see. I haven't had access to films like There Will be Blood and Persepolis, but I can't see anything changing my top 5, so I'll start there for today.

Juno : Well written, well acted, funny, poignant, what more could I want? Every time I think about this film I smile. My overall favorite for the year.

Once : The story of a young Irish musician, working for his art and searching for love. A strong story with amazing music and performances.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead : A beautifully crafted thriller that grabs you by the throat from the opening scene and never lets go. A robbery gone very wrong is explained and avenged in a film I will not soon forget.

The Host : Yes, there is a monster movie in my top 5! This Korean thriller is creative, clever, quirky and intense. The visual experience is amazing.

Atonement : The story of misunderstanding, a damaging lie and deep emotion lead to a film of high drama. Lighting, sound, acting, costumes, editing all great in this wonderful piece.

More on 2007 soon, stay tuned ......


Toto said...

"The Host" really snuck under the radar this year. What other film fused horror, comedy, social commentary and farce with such panache? Sure, it was overly ambitious at times, but most of it clicked beautifully.

Linda said...

I was lucky enough to get the DVD for Christmas, Toto. Can't wait to see it agian!

Anonymous said...

Added these to Netflix...thanks for the suggestions!

Linda said...

Glad to help Franki. Enjoy!