Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Day 4

On my last full day here in Tribeca, I wanted to enjoy the neighborhood. I headed north on Church Street, walked up to Canal and back down West Broadway to end up at The Square Diner for breakfast. From there, I wandered through the Family Street Festival, enjoying the color, the music, the families and the celebration. Lunch was a delicious bowl of soup at Edward's. Back to the east village for my first film of the day, Janie Jones. Another film with great music, great performances and a poignant story. When I came out of the film, I had a message from Liza & Ryan that they were waiting for me across the street at The Pour House. Who knew there would be an arm wrestling championship in progress? Lots of muscles in that bar! We wandered down the street to Maryann's, a favorite for delicious Mexican food. A bit of a tradition. Back at the theater, we were a little early, so we stopped in to Nevada Smith's for a beverage. Soccer was on all the TVs and footie memorabilia made up the decor. Fun stuff. Our final film was Jesus Henry Christ, a dark comedy based on family, DNA and acceptance. We all enjoyed it. After the film, a search for sweets took us to a cafe where we enjoyed the last treats of the evening, such a nice day. No drama on the street outside my hotel on this night. Preparations were in place for the Five Boro Bike Tour tomorrow. Always wild to see thousands of bikes in motion together. Thanks New York and all the people who joined me in my adventures this week. Tribeca Film Festival is a great vacation for me!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Trbeca Film Festival 2011 Day 3

This Friday morning gave way to bright sunshine and comfy temperatures. This lead to a long walk around the neighborhood. Really enjoying all this walking, feels good to be outside after this miserable winter. Headed to Chelsea for lunch at Don Giovanni. A bustling pizza joint where I enjoyed a hearty pasta fagioli. My film this afternoon was The Swell Season, a documentary about the tour of Glen Hansard's band after the success they enjoyed with Once. The performance footage was amazing, and the story is so bittersweet. There was no time to linger after the director's Q&A since I had only 30 minutes to get to Tribeca to get in line for Sing Your Song. I made it in perfect time, and stood in line with a theater critic who was more than willing to share her opinions on all things Broadway. Sing Your Song is a documentary about the career, advocacy and life of Harry Belafonte. The film worked in chronological order, and contained a lot of performance and news footage. The editing was outstanding. A rousing standing ovation ran through the closing credits. After the film, Belafonte was interviewed by Tavis Smiley for about 30 minutes, an interesting, passionate man. The film also left me thinking about how we all can make a difference in the world. Lots to think about after this one. I highly recommend this film if it gets to theaters, very inspiring. After the film I went back to the hotel with a big ol' slice of New York pizza, mixed a cocktail, put my weary feet up and called it a good day. The drama on the sidewalk outside my window on this night was a group of drunk folks trying to hail a cab. Highly entertaining.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tribeca FilmFestival 2011 Day 2

Woke up to torrential downpours this morning, glad I walked yesterday. A quick subway ride took me to the east Village for an early screening of Beyond the Black Rainbow. An abstract, sci-fi piece, I'm glad I stayed for the Q&A. Hearing the film maker, Panos Cosmatos, talk about this film, I realize how personal film making is. Though not my personal taste, I can appreciate this film for its art. Back out into the pouring rain, on my way around Washington Square Park I take refuge in Crumbs Bakery to pick up a birthday cupcake for a friend. A neighborhood tour (NYU maybe) was filing into The Little Lebowski on Thompson. A shop devoted to the film The Big Lebowski. Funny little store, and the owner dresses like The Dude. I chose to dry out at Rocco with soup, bread, wine and strawberries. One of my favorite lunches at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. Tasty, inviting, relaxing, just right. Back to Tribeca to catch a train out to Brooklyn, where I meet my daughter and her friends at Moutarde, a lovely French restaurant in Park Slope. It is Erica's birthday and she is thrilled with the cupcake I brought her. Back at the hotel, I open a beer, put on the TV and become distracted by the drama on the street below my window. Two rescue vehicles are tending to a situation at a restaurant across the street, and two guys spend a great deal of time unloading an 18-wheeler with a delivery for the same restaurant. Busy scene and much more interesting than the TV. Goodnight New York, it was a fun day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Day 1

Checking into the Cosmopolitan Hotel late Tuesday night, I felt the same thrill I always do when I come to Tribeca. My room had been upgraded to a junior suite, and everything looked shiny and new. Wednesday morning brought sunshine and a quick call to confirm lunch with my friend Lucy. Before we met, I took a long walk around the neighborhood and through Hudson River Park. We had a tasty lunch at Greenwich Street Tavern, then headed to the box office to pick up my tickets. A quick subway ride brought us to 23rd Street and the Clearview Chelsea for a screening of Rid of Me. Katie O'Grady and James Westby were in attendance for a Q&A. Charming couple. Back in Tribeca, I grabbed a Papaya dog (yum) before going to my room to freshen up. I met the girls for dinner at Sazon. Delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, served with a nice sangria and great atmosphere. After dinner we walked the few blocks to BMCC theater for the premiere screening of Everything Must Go. Director Dan Rush, Will Ferrell and Steven Root introduced the film. This was a drama I enjoyed, but audiences seem to have a tough time accepting Ferrell as a dramatic actor. He was excellent in this, though the middle of the film was a bit slow. Great start to this year's festival!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Super is one of the most refreshing films I've seen in a while. Creative, funny, shocking, sweet, violent and clever. When a man gets fed up with the hand he's been dealt, he decides to take the super-hero route. A pipe-wrench is his weapon, and don't but in line. Add a few drug dealers and we've got an action, crime film that entertains. Walking out of the theater, I heard remarks both delighted and appalled. I was delighted.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Source Code

Two years ago, I fell in love with the film Moon and have been hoping for more films by its director, Duncan Jones. My wish came true when he was asked to direct the film Source Code. Another sci-fi piece, with a time travel concept that worked. A trippy piece with great editing, good performances and a nice pace. Well done Mr. Jones.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


The Falmouth Cinema Pub is a pretty cool place to see a film. Nice beer & wine list and a pub menu with decent prices. On a rainy afternoon, the girls and I grabbed a table ready to bask in the blue eyed gazed of Bradley Cooper in Limitless. A sci-fi, thriller, with a mind enhancing drug and ruthless, opportunistic thugs as main characters. This was a film with surprising depth and twists. We talked about it for quite a while after the lights came up. A good time on the Cape!