Friday, April 29, 2011

Trbeca Film Festival 2011 Day 3

This Friday morning gave way to bright sunshine and comfy temperatures. This lead to a long walk around the neighborhood. Really enjoying all this walking, feels good to be outside after this miserable winter. Headed to Chelsea for lunch at Don Giovanni. A bustling pizza joint where I enjoyed a hearty pasta fagioli. My film this afternoon was The Swell Season, a documentary about the tour of Glen Hansard's band after the success they enjoyed with Once. The performance footage was amazing, and the story is so bittersweet. There was no time to linger after the director's Q&A since I had only 30 minutes to get to Tribeca to get in line for Sing Your Song. I made it in perfect time, and stood in line with a theater critic who was more than willing to share her opinions on all things Broadway. Sing Your Song is a documentary about the career, advocacy and life of Harry Belafonte. The film worked in chronological order, and contained a lot of performance and news footage. The editing was outstanding. A rousing standing ovation ran through the closing credits. After the film, Belafonte was interviewed by Tavis Smiley for about 30 minutes, an interesting, passionate man. The film also left me thinking about how we all can make a difference in the world. Lots to think about after this one. I highly recommend this film if it gets to theaters, very inspiring. After the film I went back to the hotel with a big ol' slice of New York pizza, mixed a cocktail, put my weary feet up and called it a good day. The drama on the sidewalk outside my window on this night was a group of drunk folks trying to hail a cab. Highly entertaining.

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