Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Flick Picks 4/30/10

Thankfully, I have one more film to see at Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, Micmacs. This week's new releases hold no interest for me. A Nightmare on Elm Street? No thanks. In RI art houses there's Ajami, City Island and The Neil Young Trunk Show. At the multiplex? I liked How to Train Your Dragon, Kick Ass, Shutter Island, The Ghost Writer, Oceans and The Joneses. Been a lean few weeks at the movies, but take heart, summer season begins next week. Hooray!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fantasy and Family in DVD

Two movies I really enjoyed are out in DVD this week. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus is a flight of fantasy worth taking. It's Complicated is an entertaining take on family with grown children and an ex that won't go away. In my rental queue this week? Five Minutes of Heaven. Happy viewing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Five

This was my last day in NYC and the rain fit my mood. I was sorry to be leaving Tribeca Film Festival, but I had a cute hat to keep me dry, a movie I was looking forward to and a cool place for lunch. I set out to the subway and arrived in Union Square. The crowds I encountered the day before, had disappeared and only a few brave souls milled around the booths of the farmers market listening to a rock band celebrating Earth Week. I made my way to the Village Pourhouse where a grilled cheese and tomato soup were the perfect lunch combo to brighten up this dismal day. The next few hours were not so nice. The manager at the theater messed up and seated the wrong line at the theater. Though I had held my ticket for weeks, I was not going to get in to see Zonad (along with many very angry people). After standing in line in the rain much longer than desired, I had a refund for my ticket and took a sad train ride back to my hotel. By then the day was shot. After a few texts with my daughter and an intimate moment with my pal Jack Daniels, I decided I had nothing to lose getting in the rush line for Cairo Time which was going to be shown at the theater around the corner from my hotel. An hour in that line got me a ticket to a lovely film, an entertaining Q&A with Patricia Clarkson, Ruba Nadda and Alexander Siddig. A much better ending to the day than I expected. I escaped a downpour by ducking into Edwards, where a bowl of soup, salad and a glass of wine put a pleasant finish on the day. As I packed my things to go home, I felt very satisfied with my day. Thanks Tribeca, it's been fun. I'll be back for one more film on Saturday. Isn't it nice of me to offer to dog-sit in Brooklyn next weekend? hehe

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Four

Took myself out to breakfast this morning. Bacon and eggs taking the place of lunch. The subway took me to a very busy Union Square and a quick walk put me at the AMC Lowes Village 7 for The Joneses. A film where nothing as it seems, but human nature and emotions join the struggle. After the movie I grabbed a dozen mini cupcakes at Crumbs and headed for the upper east side where the family gathered for dinner. Laughs and stories punctuated the meal. Back at the hotel, I feel a little melancholy about tomorrow being my last day here at Tribeca, but I'll be back next weekend.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Three

I had heard a lot about The Good, the Bad, the Weird and it opened at the IFC Center today. I was in a small screening room with 3 other folks for this crazy, bloody, Korean action western. Fun flick. I have never been to the Ziegfeld Theater and Oceans opened there today so that was my next stop. What a gorgeous theater!! The staff was also friendly and enthusiastic. One of the ushers told me that I was the celebrity there today. So cute! On the way back, I picked up a few souvenirs in Times Square. A coffee mug from The Late Show and a mini Broadway poster of Wicked for my collection. Escaping the crush of tourists, I found a friendly bar stool at the Reade Street Pub to kill a little time before meeting friends for dinner. Another visit to Max filled the bill before we went to the Performing Arts Center for the premier screening of Nice Guy Johnny. Edward Burns conducted an entertaining Q&A. A busy day for this film fan. Thanks NYC!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tribeca Film Festvial 2010 Day Two

First order of business today was lunch. Sliders, fries and a Bloody Mary at The Half Pint in the west village was a great start. Screenings today didn't start until later this afternoon, so I went to the Angelika Film Center for a screening of City Island. This film won the Audience Choice Award at Tribeca Film Festival last year. Met my daughter Liza back at my hotel and headed down the street to the Tribeca Performing Arts Center for the world premiere of Beware the Gonzo. An excellent coming of age drama. Film maker Bryan Goluboff was in attendance along with cast members Ezra Miller (who was also in City Island), Jesse McCartney, Zoe Kravitz, Judah Frielander, Griffin Newman and more. Liza and I went to Max for dinner, a great Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. The perfect way to end the night.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day One

I'm at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC for the eighth year. Here on opening night as a guest of Mofilm. Liza and I hung out with the young film makers that were the award winners of the Tribeca Competition. Unfortunately our friends are stuck in London because of the volcano, but the folks at Mofilm and an interesting Q&A with Susan Sarandon made us feel comfy. A stop at Maryann's for a drink and a quick bite was a great way to end the night. Thanks for a good time Mofilm!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oscar Noms Galore in DVD

Released in DVD this week are an avalanche of Oscar nominees. How will they translate to DVD? I think that Avatar will be less impressive on a small screen, The Lovely Bones is worth a look for the performances, Crazy Heart will translate well to DVD and The Young Victoria will be just as charming on DVD as it was on the big screen. A great week for home viewing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Though the marquee outside the theater said "Kick-Ass", the sign inside the theater said "Kick A". What the hell?? Kick-Ass is a movie adaptation of the popular comic book. A young man creates the superhero, Kick-Ass, and gets his ass kicked regularly. When he meets Hit Girl and her father, Big Daddy, things change. His well-intentioned activities turn serious. Mobsters and revenge fuel the violent resolutions to all encounters. Major weaponry is a key element to these scenes. *yikes* An entertaining bit of comics brought to live action. Vile language and graphic, bloody violence warrant the R rating on this one. NOT for the kids ... or adults who won't put "ass" on a sign.