Saturday, April 17, 2010


Though the marquee outside the theater said "Kick-Ass", the sign inside the theater said "Kick A". What the hell?? Kick-Ass is a movie adaptation of the popular comic book. A young man creates the superhero, Kick-Ass, and gets his ass kicked regularly. When he meets Hit Girl and her father, Big Daddy, things change. His well-intentioned activities turn serious. Mobsters and revenge fuel the violent resolutions to all encounters. Major weaponry is a key element to these scenes. *yikes* An entertaining bit of comics brought to live action. Vile language and graphic, bloody violence warrant the R rating on this one. NOT for the kids ... or adults who won't put "ass" on a sign.

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Film Gurl said...

This film definitely threw me for a loop, I was surprised at how entertaining it was to see. I think what did it for me was when they introduced, Hit GIrl - she really made the movie fun to watch. That's funny about the sign ("Kick-A") since it's definitely not a movie for small children - thanks for sharing!