Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Five

This was my last day in NYC and the rain fit my mood. I was sorry to be leaving Tribeca Film Festival, but I had a cute hat to keep me dry, a movie I was looking forward to and a cool place for lunch. I set out to the subway and arrived in Union Square. The crowds I encountered the day before, had disappeared and only a few brave souls milled around the booths of the farmers market listening to a rock band celebrating Earth Week. I made my way to the Village Pourhouse where a grilled cheese and tomato soup were the perfect lunch combo to brighten up this dismal day. The next few hours were not so nice. The manager at the theater messed up and seated the wrong line at the theater. Though I had held my ticket for weeks, I was not going to get in to see Zonad (along with many very angry people). After standing in line in the rain much longer than desired, I had a refund for my ticket and took a sad train ride back to my hotel. By then the day was shot. After a few texts with my daughter and an intimate moment with my pal Jack Daniels, I decided I had nothing to lose getting in the rush line for Cairo Time which was going to be shown at the theater around the corner from my hotel. An hour in that line got me a ticket to a lovely film, an entertaining Q&A with Patricia Clarkson, Ruba Nadda and Alexander Siddig. A much better ending to the day than I expected. I escaped a downpour by ducking into Edwards, where a bowl of soup, salad and a glass of wine put a pleasant finish on the day. As I packed my things to go home, I felt very satisfied with my day. Thanks Tribeca, it's been fun. I'll be back for one more film on Saturday. Isn't it nice of me to offer to dog-sit in Brooklyn next weekend? hehe

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