Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Day Four

Took myself out to breakfast this morning. Bacon and eggs taking the place of lunch. The subway took me to a very busy Union Square and a quick walk put me at the AMC Lowes Village 7 for The Joneses. A film where nothing as it seems, but human nature and emotions join the struggle. After the movie I grabbed a dozen mini cupcakes at Crumbs and headed for the upper east side where the family gathered for dinner. Laughs and stories punctuated the meal. Back at the hotel, I feel a little melancholy about tomorrow being my last day here at Tribeca, but I'll be back next weekend.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Lot to catch up around here. Glad Tribeca fest sounds like a lot of fun. I thought the 'Jones' was an interesting concept, and wondered if they executed on it very well at all.

And thanks for the 'Black Dynamite' review as I have it in my Netflix queque, but kept waffling about whether to move it to the top.

Linda said...

2D~The Joneses well worth a look ... I was surprised. The less you know, the better. See Black Dynamite for a laugh. I put it off as well, but when I finally got it I watched it twice!