Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tribeca FilmFestival 2011 Day 2

Woke up to torrential downpours this morning, glad I walked yesterday. A quick subway ride took me to the east Village for an early screening of Beyond the Black Rainbow. An abstract, sci-fi piece, I'm glad I stayed for the Q&A. Hearing the film maker, Panos Cosmatos, talk about this film, I realize how personal film making is. Though not my personal taste, I can appreciate this film for its art. Back out into the pouring rain, on my way around Washington Square Park I take refuge in Crumbs Bakery to pick up a birthday cupcake for a friend. A neighborhood tour (NYU maybe) was filing into The Little Lebowski on Thompson. A shop devoted to the film The Big Lebowski. Funny little store, and the owner dresses like The Dude. I chose to dry out at Rocco with soup, bread, wine and strawberries. One of my favorite lunches at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. Tasty, inviting, relaxing, just right. Back to Tribeca to catch a train out to Brooklyn, where I meet my daughter and her friends at Moutarde, a lovely French restaurant in Park Slope. It is Erica's birthday and she is thrilled with the cupcake I brought her. Back at the hotel, I open a beer, put on the TV and become distracted by the drama on the street below my window. Two rescue vehicles are tending to a situation at a restaurant across the street, and two guys spend a great deal of time unloading an 18-wheeler with a delivery for the same restaurant. Busy scene and much more interesting than the TV. Goodnight New York, it was a fun day.

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