Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Screen Scenes:West Newton Cinema, MA

This time of year, it's pretty tough to be a film fan in this small state. Limited release films that snag spots on the top of everyone's "best of lists" seem to take forever to get to this market. A few years ago, I found a cinematic gem in the West Newton Cinema, in the heart of West Newton, MA. Each January I find myself taking the 60 mile drive to this 6 screen cinema, to revel in some of the best film of the year. Six screens hold these gems, and most of the theaters have pretty comfy seating. There are two very small theaters that hold less than 100 seats, and the seats seem to be turn of the century. Kind of funny. The popcorn's fresh, and they have an e-mail subscription to let folks know the latest and greatest that's showing. I've been there the last two Saturdays, and if they show Persepolis this week I'll be back!

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