Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bloggers on Blogging .... About Film

I am a pretty active blog surfer. I'm usually looking for film information and film opinions. The Internet and blogs are so awesome, because of the shear volume and the access. I love the global aspect. I read blogs by people who live all over, Oregon, Utah, Texas, California, North Dakota, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, DC, New York City , Rhode Island *whew* all at a click of the mouse! I also like the interactive aspect. Most blogs invite comments, and most bloggers answer on their own sites and often visit each other's. Through my recent surfing, I found a blogger out of Colorado, who writes about film for publications, does radio commentary and has his own film blog. I've commented on his blog, and he on mine. To my surprise, he asked me if he could interview me for a feature he is posting on his blog about other film bloggers! I am proud to say, he wrote a very nice piece, and he even has one of the first photos of me that's ever been posted on the Internet! You can read it here, I really like it! Thanks Christian!


2 Dollar Productions said...

That is very cool, and a good piece. Very interesting.

I agree about the lack of snark, which I like and I'm glad he mentioned that you rarely criticize a film on your blog as I've been wondering about that for awhile (just never asked).

Again, very cool indeed.

Linda said...

The other side of all my positive reviews is that because I research so much, I rarely see crap. Thanks for checking it out, glad you found it interesting!