Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Air I Breathe

The Second Monday series of the Newport Film Festival continues. This month's film was The Air I Breathe. A crime thriller based on the life elements of happiness, pleasure, love and sorrow. Though these conjure gentle thoughts, this film is dark and violent. Four stories are interwoven in a satisfying story. The writer and director entertained an interesting Q&A after the film. Good stuff! PS This film opens in NY and LA January 25th then expands to Austin, Portland, Chicago, Boston.


Anonymous said...

This one doesn't look particularly great but I'm a sucker for Brendan Fraser so count me in!

Linda said...

Hey Marina! This was a different role for Fraser, pretty dark. The performances in this film were worth seeing the film. Not sure how it will do in theaters, but I think it will be a strong rental.