Sunday, January 20, 2008

Any Given Sunday ... a Jinx and NYC

I wish I could watch the Patriots' playoff game today. I rented Any Given Sunday so I won't. It's a long story, but if I watch the Patriots play, they start to lose. When I turn the game off or plain don't watch, they win. Thus, I am sitting here on NFL playoff Sunday watching a football movie instead of the real thing. I've had a blast on playoff weekends, but in support of the Pats I'm staying out of it this year. This has been discussed a lot in my social circles in the last few weeks, but the funniest reaction to my proclaimed "jinx" was a doorman in NYC this morning. A Giants fan, who when my superstition was explained, said "please watch the game". I laughed, but as I left the building thought "hell, no!" Two thoughts: Any Given Sunday is a kick-ass football flick and "GO PATS!!!" Just doing my part.

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