Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Film News .... Oscar and Obits

In film news today, the joy of the Oscar nominations took a somber turn when the news of Heath Ledger's death hit the wires this afternoon. A talented young actor who won my heart years ago through his wonderful performances and shy, polite manner in interviews. Though he was amazing in dramatic roles in Brokeback Mountain and Candy, I have really enjoyed him in more cheeky roles in A Knight's Tale, Casanova and The Brothers Grimm. Truly sad news for the entertainment community, and obviously even more so, for his family and friends. Tough news.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Great post. Very sad story. It's too bad as the Oscars had me excited yesterday, and then this, which is just strange and very unfortunate.

Nayana Anthony said...

I just couldn't believe it.

Toto said...

He caught my attention in "Lords of Dogtown," an otherwise forgettable skateboarder flick. He played a beach bum, but he made what should have been a hokey role into one of substance.
He will be missed.

Linda said...

2D~Thanks. I too was excited about the Oscar noms, but this news has made for an emotional roller coaster for movie fans this week. More on Oscars later.

Nayana~I thought it was a bogus report when I first read it. I was looking for Oscar nom lists on a blog when I first saw it. Still find it hard to believe.

Toto~I was surprised at how many times I've singled him out in my posts about his films over the last few years. A wonderful talent that will be sorely missed.