Friday, January 04, 2008

The Golden Shortman aka "The Shorty"

It's official, I awarded the first Golden Shortman this morning, and a bit was born! I have the privilege of sharing my thoughts on film, on Friday mornings on Giovanni & Kim in the Morning. They were kind enough to invite me to the premiere of Transformers in 2007, so I gave them my first award of the year! FYI, The Golden Shortman was coined, before the holidays, by the show's producer, in reference to my Best of 2007 list. Juno was the film being discussed. There was a bit of discussion establishing a moniker for my attention to anything I deem noteworthy in film. I think the final decision was that "The Golden Shortman" will be awarded as a "Shorty". What fun can I have with this ?!?!?!? Stay tuned ......

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