Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Screen Scenes:Showcase Rt. 6, Seekonk, MA

I've discussed my frustration with seeing limited release films, and traveling to see film. The Showcase Cinema on Route 6 in Seekonk, MA, is close to home for this elusive film form. A quick ride, one exit over the state line, and I'm in a comfy multiplex that offers a great selection of limited release film! When I saw The Queen there last year, it looked like there was a hole in the screen. Concerned, I e-mailed the management when I got home. In response I was told that someone had thrown candy at the screen, and it stuck! They cleaned the screen and thanked me by graciously inviting me back ... pretty funny. Nice theater!


Nayana Anthony said...

Did they just invite you back, or did they give you a free pass? It's cool to find a theater like that; I personally love our theaters with the limited release films. Sometimes the big "K-Mart-style" multiplexes can get old.

Linda said...

They were nice enough to send me a couple of free passes, Nayana. Generous of them to share the problem and solution as well!