Thursday, January 17, 2008

27 Dresses

Romantic comedy is not exactly my favorite genre. 27 Dresses won my heart for several reasons. Katherine Heigl sparkles in this film, as Jane. A good friend and perpetual bridesmaid, she is an efficient personal assistant, loves weddings and has been a bridesmaid in 27 of them. She has all the dresses in a closet, and they actually become a character. A love story develops. There is conflict, there is comedy, there is a crazy drunken bar scene, there is a dramatic, painful scene of honesty, there is a Spiderman reference, good stuff!

For me, it was the audience at the screening I attended, that ultimately made the film. Much of the film was shot here in RI, LDI Casting supplied the extras (thanks Anne!) . Many of them were sitting in the row in front of me, and they were positively giddy watching the film. Overheard: "did you see my elbow?" "that was the back of my head!" "was that your shoulder?" ..... ah the life of a movie extra. One extra, with a rather prominent role near the end of the film, stood up and took a bow when the film was over. It was awesome!


2 Dollar Productions said...

This genre is tough for me to swallow, but I saw this preview and Heigl seems fairly winning. But your screening sounds like fun as an event with that energy.

There will be blood is actually starting today in Austin, so I am going to try to get out to see that one.

Linda said...

That screening of 27 Dresses was a lot of fun 2D, always nice to make film an event!