Sunday, December 02, 2007

You Kill Me

As an actor, Ben Kingsley is one of the smoothest in the biz. In You Kill Me, he plays a recovering alcoholic, assassin, wooing the lovely Tea Leoni. He is looking sharp and acting smooth. This film never came to theaters around here, so I was glad to find it in DVD this weekend. The hit man is trying to get sober, continue his work, and falls in love along the way. This quirky film has humorous moments, but it doesn't get light enough for me to put a comedy tag on it. Good crime drama with a bit if a twist.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Liked your Friday game, and nice job connecting it back.

And I remember You Kill Me got a very small release around here, but it seemed from the previews like it had a hard time deciding on a tone.

Linda said...

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon was fun, IMDb was a huge help!

Good call on You Kill Me, it is part drama, part thriller, part romance, part comedy a bit all over the place. Interestingly they pull it off, worth a rental. I would recommend watching the "making of" feature before the film.