Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screen Scenes:Showcase Cinemas, Warwick, RI

My hometown theater is the Showcase Cinema in Warwick, RI. A National Amusements multiplex that is only 4 miles from my house! I can leave the house 10 minutes before the film, and one highway exit, two traffic lights and I'm in my seat before the previews start! This theater was renovated to stadium seating in the late 90's. Shakespeare in Love was the first film I saw in the new setting, I still remember how awesome it looked. The seating is comfortable, candy is sold by the pound and every once in a while they host a Sneak Preview of an upcoming film. All major releases come here, and the staff is very patient with me when I ask if a film like Superman, Spiderman or Pirates will be on a big screen (they have large and small theaters and screens). I'm lucky to have such a nice theater so close to home!

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