Monday, December 03, 2007

Pirates, Preschoolers and Profanity in DVD

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End is out in DVD this week. Plenty of swashbuckling from Jack Sparrow and the gang. I thought this was a good addition to the franchise (saw it in the theater twice).
In The Nanny Diaries, a college graduate bides her time between college graduation and career commitment by becoming a nanny. A little sobering for her, as the folks she works for are not the nicest parents or employers (or people for that matter). A decent drama.
And finally, my guilty pleasure film of the year, Superbad! Amazing profanities tumble from the mouths of teens who think they have the world (and girls) all figured out. The beauty of this film is the writing and performances, funny, funny stuff. Oh Santa, I hope I've been a good enough girl this year to find Superbad in my stocking!

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