Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Screen Scenes:AMC Empire 25 NY, NY

The AMC Empire 25 theater is where I saw my first movie in New York City. The Man Who Wasn't There was the film of choice, and we were at the theater half an hour before the film. My suburban movie experience of arriving at the theater 2 minutes before the film, went out the window. By the time we stood in line for tickets, rode multiple escalators and hit the ladies room, it was time for the film to start. The plush, red, high backed seats make for comfy seating, (and the armrests lift so you can cuddle). The size of this theater alone is mind blowing to me (25 theaters). I think it is at least 5 stories high , the view of 42nd street out the front windows is pretty cool. Along with the theaters there are cafes and restaurants for a total entertainment experience. I also like the easy access to Grand Central Station for the occasional day trip to see a sought after film. Cool theater in the heart of the city!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I remember my first trip to one of these huge movieplexes (sp?) as well.

It spoiled me very quickly, however, as the sound, stadium seating, etc. made it hard to ever go anywhere else.

Linda said...

What's funny about those big places is that often the rooms are small and intimate. I do love those huge screens and fancy seats!