Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Golden Compass

If you're looking for fantasy adventure this holiday movie season, check out The Golden Compass! I have not read the book, I don't buy the religious controversy, I love amazing CGI, I love dramatic soundtracks done right. There is a lot of information to digest in this story, but the adventure, the rescues, the battles (one very intense, not for young ones), and the visuals made it all worthwhile for me.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I just reviewed this one today.

Also, I'm taking my wife to see "Juno" when it opens in Austin (cool swag you got). And "The Hottest State" looks like a rental to me as I like Ethan Hawke, but he also irritates me as well and I can't say why.

Linda said...

2D, I have an annoyance with Hawke. His work is amazing, but whenever I see him interviewed, he strikes a tone that I'm not that crazy about. I have trouble putting my finger on it as well. Hope Juno opens wide this week, I want EVERYONE to see it ... enjoy!