Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Savages

For the second time this year, the issue of aging and what to do with a failing elder is addressed in film. In The Savages, Wendy and John Savage are called upon to deal with their estranged father who is succumbing to dementia. They are all flawed, they are all quirky, they are all doing the best they can. This film is sensitive, realistic and poignant. The performances from Laura Linney (Wendy), Philip Seymour Hoffman (John) and Philip Bosco (Dad) are outstanding. An excellent film on a delicate subject. Well worth seeing.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm impressed by this undertaking as there wasn't even a half-way frivilous film in the bunch. I want to see "The Savages" the most from your list. Thanks.

I just saw "Charlie Wilson's War," which was good, but for once, I wanted a longer film. It all seemed a little too easy for me and I could have stood some more explanation/character development.

Anyway, have a good New Years too.

Linda said...

Thanks 2D! Happy New Year to you! I think you'd like The Savages. It's well written and such great acting.