Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Screen Scenes:Jane Pickens Theater, Newport, RI

Right before a film starts at the Jane Pickens Theater, a huge, lush curtain pulls back. You are in a real theater (check out the balcony). The Jane Pickens Theater has supported independent film in Rhode Island for many years. It was one of the few art houses in this state for a long time. When my daughter was a student at NYU, the only way I could keep up with her film consumption, was going to the Jane Pickens. I have fond memories of seeing Life is Beautiful with her there.
I'm showcasing this theater first in this series, because it is the centerpiece theater of the Newport International Film Festival. If you've read here, you know I'm a volunteer driver for the festival. More fond memories! NIFF is the sponsor of the Second Monday film series. What is Second Monday you ask? It is a new film series that showcases independent, film festival type films throughout the year (complete with Q&As from the film makers), here in lil' ol' RI. For a film fan, like me, this is film brilliance! Oh yeah, this Monday, December 10th, they are showing the documentary My Kid Could Paint That. Come on down, the film starts at 7 PM. I'll be taking tickets, so when you hand over your ticket, say "hi"!

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