Saturday, December 01, 2007

Six Degrees of Flick4Friday

The Flick4Friday challenge was a fun exercise. "Choose a movie you dislike. Connect the lead actor to Kevin Bacon in six movie degrees." The idea is to see if this brings up any good movie recommendations.

Because my least favorite movie is so old, I tried to keep the connections contemporary (thanks for the help IMDb). See if you see anything you like here.

My least favorite movie is Lawrence of Arabia, too much sand. The lead actor is Peter O'Toole, so here we go.
1. O'Toole is the king in Stardust, which features Robert De Niro as a pirate!
2. De Niro is a thief in The Score with Edward Norton.
3. Norton is a magician in The Illusionist with Paul Giamatti.
4. Giamatti is a writer in Sideways with Virginia Madsen.
5. Madsen is The Dangerous Woman in A Prairie Home Companion with Meryl Streep.
6. Streep is on vacation (of sorts) in The River Wild with Kevin Bacon. *Whew*

Of these, The Score, The Illusionist and Sideways are my favorites. Enjoy!

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