Monday, October 05, 2009

Friday Flick Picks on Monday?

I was remiss in posting Friday Flick Picks this week due to a road trip to visit family. My grandson turned 1 year old and the anticipation of seeing he and his parents was more exciting to me than what was in theaters this weekend. Now that the festivities are over, I'm on my way home. Took the day off to travel today, think I'll try to see Zombieland enroute. Still want to see Whip It, but I'll get to it next weekend. The DVD queue? Anvil! The Story of Anvil and Assassination of a High School President await me. Happy Monday!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Hope the road trip went well, and now you can catch up on film. I'm really interested to see 'Zombieland' and might pick it up this Thursday because I've got a wedding to attend this weekend which is throwing me off completely.

Linda said...

2D~Zombieland is just plain silly zombie stuff. I found it highly entertaining. The hour and a half run-time makes it easy to squeeze into your day. Enjoy!