Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paranormal Activity

To me, the scary part of Paranormal Activity was the anticipation. Waiting and waiting for something to happen is well structured. Brilliant exposure of trailers and promotional materials also helped set up our imaginations until the action kicks in. Excellent technique that sets up an awesome ending. Well done.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for the 'Wild' things posts as trying to set up a date night to see this at the IMAX this coming Friday.

Saw 'Paranormal' yesterday & plan to review it on Wednesday. It was a great marketing plan and a solid movie that I felt was too long by about 15 - 20 minutes. Ending was great. The boyfriend was pretty annoying and that ghost expert was absolutely worthless. Ha.

Linda said...

2D~ That's funny, I really liked the boyfriend, and the ghost expert gave me clues for how it was going to end. Agree that it could have been shorter. The more I think about this one the better I like it.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Just posted my review of 'Activity.' The boyfriend began to annoy me when he used the Oujia (sp?) board. Ha. And the ghost expert's second trip out there was a joke - I have to leave . . . but I'll help you - a bald-faced lie.