Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whip It

For me, Whip It is about family. Yes there is roller derby, yes there are teens living in a small town wanting to get out, yes there is a dad who loves football, yes there is a beauty pageant, yes there is the rocker boy the girl makes out with. Under it all, there are families. The pageant girl's, the diner, the roller derby teams, the roller derby league. They stick together, they make each other laugh, they show support, they express their concern with respect (wh-wh-what!?!?), they love deeply. The first half of this film is light and sets up all the characters. The second half shows it's heart, hunkers down in reality and kicked my ass. Yes, I needed tissues. Loved these characters, loved this story, loved this film. (I think I got a glimpse of The Alamo Drafthouse) Fun film with a big heart.


2 Dollar Productions said...

You did get a glimpse . . at least from the review I read in my local paper. I think I'll probably rent this one w/ my wife when it comes out on DVD>

And thanks for the previous review as that one just popped up on DVD out of nowhere, and the fact that Bruce Willis was in it caught my eye. He doesn't do many straight to video ones.

Linda said...

2D~This will work fine as a rental, 2hr run time a little unusual.