Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movie Chat with Cort & Fatboy

Before I went to bed last night, I was going to listen to Friday's Cort & Fatboy podcast. I'd been out with friends, my kids are all visiting for the weekend, all was right with the world. When I went to the KUFO website to find their regular show (hoping for a Mike Russell "power hour") I found a 6 minute message from Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts saying they had been fired. Their programming director and the Rick Emerson Show were gone as well. KUFO was cleaning house. I was shocked.

I started listening to Cort & Fatboy in 2006. Mike Russell, movie reviewer for the Oregonian, was doing Friday night reviews on the air. I liked Mike's taste in film and Cort & Fatboy are very knowledgeable when it comes to film. On Saturday mornings I would listen to the three of them chat film, then I'd turn it off and go about my week. As time went on, I would leave the podcast on and before I knew it, I would have listened to the whole show. Funny, topical, irreverent and smart, I was becoming a Cort & Fatboy fan.

The podcasts are available on iTunes, so I would download them to my iPod, and started listening to them on road trips in the car. They made the time fly and kept me laughing. They'd fill me in on the latest and greatest on movies, music, TV, comics, pop culture and politics. I even enjoyed news of the local events in Portland, though it is 3000 miles away. In an effort to get some exercise this summer, I started to walk a few days a week. Once again, the boys kept me company during a mundane task and I stuck with it, knowing I had something entertaining to listen to as I put in my miles. I felt lucky to have found such quality entertainment. Along the way I got to meet Byron Beck, Dave Walker, Dawn Taylor, Aaron Duran, Steven Humphreys and lots of very smart, talented people. Fortunately I can find all these folks online, but it won't be the same without the glue that is Cort & Fatboy.

Thanks guys, I hope you find a new gig and I'll be listening to you again soon.

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