Monday, September 28, 2009

Mates, Music and Mentality on DVD

I haven't posted about DVD, in weeks, because, the DVD releases have been meager. This week the situation improves. In the relationship department we've got Away We Go, which is a modern romantic comedy with a very realistic vibe. The Girlfriend Experience is an artful tail of a prostitute who is looking at marketing and a normal life. A wonderful documentary about the construction of Steinway pianos is called Note by Note, well worth a look.

In my DVD queue, The Brothers Bloom, Management and Shrink. I'm finally excited for my new DVD releases to arrive. Yay!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Put 'Bloom' and 'Away We Go' in my Netflix que yesterday.

Hope you see 'Zombieland' as I'd like to read the review. I'm tied up this weekend, so no movies for me. Have a good one.

Linda said...

2D~Road trip this weekend, so I don't know if I'll get to the theater. Dying to see Zombieland and Whip It. It'll be a DVD weekend for me.