Sunday, September 06, 2009

It Might Get Loud

As I bought my ticket to see It Might Get Loud, the young man handing me my change said, "good choice, this is the best film showing here right now. It's like getting three biopics in one film ... and some really great music." He was right. The film follows Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White through their self-told musical histories. Specifically their relationships with their guitars. Vintage footage of U2, White Stripes and Led Zeppelin is a real treat. I have a soft spot for musicians and am especially fascinated by their passion and creativity. All of these men embrace various levels of technology to ply their craft. It was a privilege to get this inside look. Yes, once again, I was the grinning fool in the dark. I'm still smirking thinking of the three jamming with each other on Whole Lot of Love. Watching them follow each other and learn from each other was enthralling. The final collaboration of Take a Load Off Fannie, kept everyone in their seats until the lights came on in the theater. (I'm smiling again just thinking about it) I traveled to see this film because I couldn't wait to see it. I'll see it again when it hits RI in a few weeks. Yeah it's that good. The kid who sold me my ticket was right.

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