Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jennifer's Body

I have read that Jennifer's Body was one of the first screenplays Diablo Cody wrote. I understand most writers have a horror story in their portfolio. Word is, she used her Oscar clout from Juno to get this film made. I'm glad she did. Basically, Jennifer meets up with some unseemly characters that unwittingly turn her into a man-eating demon. The characters are recognizable, the rules of the demons are clear and the execution is decent. Though it had it's cheesy moments, they gave the film a certain charm. I enjoyed it.

An interesting side note; there was a sign at the box office of a theater in Warwick, warning patrons that there was a scene reminiscent of the Station nightclub fire. A local wound that is still very raw.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for this & for 'Surrogates' review. I'm not sure if I'll catch either in the theater, but they seem like solid rentals. You never know with earlier scripts that writers have, so it's good to hear this was pretty solid.

Linda said...

2D~Both of these will be decent rentals. I always worry that I liked a film because of my mood or low expectations. I expected very little from both of these and found them both entertaining.