Thursday, February 07, 2008

Top 10 Films of 2007

Yes, I know I'm late to the party on my Top 10 Films for 2007, but I had a few more films to see, I got caught up in a few home improvements and the dog ate my homework. Excuses aside, here they are. This list was honed down from over 30 films, such a great year! Keep an eye out for these in DVD! Click on the titles to see my thoughts.
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
The Host
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Lookout

And since 10 is such a small number when it comes to me and film, here are another few films I really enjoyed (sorry, just couldn't stop) : Zodiac, The Namesake, Brooklyn Rules, Waitress, Paprika, The Darjeeling Limited .... I'll stop there, stay tuned!!


Michael said...

Transformers! yey! we got one movie in common in our top films of 2007 lists. =o)

Anonymous said...

Great list. I particularly love the inclusion of "The Lookout" - great underseen film. I also love that "Paprika" and "The Namesake" made your list. LOVED both of them!

Linda said...

Mike~Took a peek at your Top 10, great list as well! Living in RI, I have a couple of Hasbro connections that have made the film all the more special to me!

Marina~These three were true bright spots in my film year!