Saturday, February 02, 2008


It helps to watch a film you're not sure of, with someone who already loves it. With my daughter Melanie, it was One Fine Day, with my friend Susan, Fools Rush In. Tonight, with my daughter Liza, it was Norbit. Yes, Liza loves Norbit. I wanted to see it because of it's Oscar nomination for makeup. Liza wanted to see it because it makes her laugh (she was recovering from a cold and a lost weekend trip). We stocked up on snacks, and watched the antics of Eddie Murphy in multiple roles. As a comedy, I thought it was OK (I'm not surprised by the Razzie nominations). Liza was highly entertained by the physical humor of the character Rasputia. I will say that Murphy's creation of the over-sized, overbearing woman, and also the character, Mr. Wong, were impressive. I think the Oscar nod for makeup is well deserved.


Mrs. Porter said...

"how YOU doin??" HAHAH

Linda said...

Liza~LOL, thanks for helping me enjoy this one!