Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Bruges

A hit man, with a conscious, is the central character in the film In Bruges. He's hiding out with an accomplice, and the trip takes an ugly turn. Drugs, hookers, murderers and a dwarf (no kidding, he has a purpose) make up the cast of this off-beat thriller. Now I've known a few people who have been to Bruges. They all gave the small Belgian city a big thumbs up. Kind of strange to watch this bloody thriller unfold in, what I've been told, is a beautiful, romantic place. A dark comedy-thriller I enjoyed.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Glad you liked this one as I thought it was a very solid flick.

Catching up, I think that "Be Kind Rewind" will be a great rental, and I plan to do just that.

As for "Beawolf," I just can't get that excited since the 3-D aspect isn't available on DVD. I meant to catch this in the theaters, but didn't.

Linda said...

2D~In Bruges was great! I think you'll like Be Kind Rewind as a rental. Part of the appeal of Beowulf for me was the 3D. You didn't miss much.

Toto said...

If you liked "In Bruges" (and I did, too) check out "The Matador." It's another film about a conflicted hit man (played with panache by Pierce Brosnan).

Linda said...

Toto~I loved the Matador, good call!