Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Flick Picks 2/29/08

Opening in RI theaters this weekend, we've got Semi Pro. A silly sports comedy that is continuously vulgar and juvenile. The Other Boleyn Girl, a period film with a lot of eye candy, and Penelope, a modern fairy tale about inner beauty. There are still 9 Oscar nominated films in theaters, and all 5 Best Picture nominees are as well. If the Oscars made you feel like you've missed out, get thee to a theater! If you'd rather stay on the couch, Oscar winners Michael Clayton, Bourne Ultimatum, Once, Ratatouille, La Vie en Rose, and Elizabeth:The Golden Age are all in DVD.
Oh yeah, U2 and Hannah Montana concert films are still in theaters as well! Enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Did you like the Boelyn movie? I like the cast, didn't read the book, and can't decide.

Toto said...

Will be curious to hear your take on "Penelope." I didn't expect much, and I heard it's been sitting on the proverbial shelf for a spell. But I found it utterly engaging.

Linda said...

2D~ Boleyn Girls was OK, it will be a satisfying rental. Amazing to me, in this day, how women were treated back then. Sad and brutal. Performances were outstanding, great cast that delivered.
Toto~I saw Penelope in a theater with many parents who brought young girls. As the mother of two grown daughters, I found this heartening at the moment of Penelope's revelation. I was charmed by this film.