Monday, February 04, 2008

Music, Monarchs and Memories on DVD

It looks like February is going to be a banner month for DVD releases.
I've seen Across the Universe, a modern day musical set to the music of the Beatles.

Elizabeth:The Golden Age was a pleasant surprise for the acting and the costumes (I called the Oscar nomination early on).

The sentimental favorite this week is the Disney classic , The AristoCats. I went on my first date when I was 14, he was 15, (hubba, hubba) and we went to see The AristoCats. His sister drove us, and the theater was packed (yes, he held my hand). Understandably, I have more memories of the guy than the movie, but it was the first animated film I saw, that I was conscious of celebrity voice work (well, to me, Phil Harris and Eva Gabor were celebrities).

Continuing on the theme of love, the film 2 Days in Paris tackles the situation of bring your lover home, when you have a colorful family and past. Enjoy ......


Toto said...

Beatles fans should check out "Can't Buy Me Love," a new, comprehensive biography of the band by Jonathan Gould. It's a terrific read and weaves together the musical and cultural forces which combined to make the band the greatest rock quartet ever.

Linda said...

Nice recommendation, thanks Toto!