Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paper Heart

I went into Paper Heart not knowing what to expect. Having read mixed reviews, I wondered if it was worth the box office dollar. I was richly rewarded with a film that is creative, heart-felt, clever and worth every dime. Charlene Yi and Jake Johnson (aka Nick) put together a story and premise that sucks you in, grabs your inner romantic, your inner cynic, and gives them a good shake. The diverse views of love and falling in love are interesting and sweet. The puppet (shadow box) reenactments are brilliant. Well done and thank you. I wish I had seen this at the Arclight in LA where, according to Twitter posts, Charlene has been conducting Q&As and tearing tickets. Good job!

PS (Very pretty wedding dress!)


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for this review. I was really on the fence about this one as well. Might wait for rental anway since I think it would make a good one.

Posted my 'District 9' review today, and glad you liked it too. It was far more clever than most in the alien movie genre.

Farzan said...

I'm not sure about this film. I saw the TV spots and it just looks stupid. Cera and that other chick from Knocked Up look awful together. I think Ill skip it and see District 9 again.

Linda said...

2D~This one will be fine in DVD. One of those awwww winter night rentals.

Farzan~They are actually pretty sweet together, but sounds like you are best off skipping this one.