Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Rogers & Me ... in progress

I usually write about movies that are already made, but this post is a little different. It's about a film that is almost finished, and needs a little help. I first learned of Benjamin Wagner back in 2005. A blog I was reading, linked his blog. I liked his writing style, his posts about running, living in NYC, working at MTV and making music. After reading for a few weeks, I looked in the archives of his essays, and came across one he wrote about meeting Fred Rogers. I was touched. Over the years I have enjoyed his blog, his music (recorded and live) and his passion to make the world a little better if he can. (*cough*826NYC*cough*) In a conversation with Mr. Rogers, Benjamin was tasked to "spread the message" of a life deep and simple. Along with his brother Christofer, he decided to use film to do just that. Mr. Rogers & Me was born. They traveled to interview people who knew Mr. Rogers and were impacted by the man's simple life philosophy. The film is approaching post-production and the guys could use a little help in the finance department. If you like supporting worthy causes, struggling film makers or you just like supporting someone spreading a strong, deep, simple message, donate here. If they can raise $10,000 for post production, Mr. Rogers & Me could be film festival ready by the end of the year. Ben says it best here (watch the trailer). I threw a few bucks at them, go here if you'd like to as well. Every little bit helps. Thanks!


Benjamin said...

Thanks Linda!!!

Linda said...

Ben~My pleasure. Hope you guys can finish this film. Looks good so far!