Saturday, August 15, 2009

motherofthebride Once Again

I joined the blog-world back in 2004 because my daughter was engaged. I so enjoyed her wedding blog, I felt a need to jump in the blog-pool. After creating this site, I realized I had very little to say, I'm a very awkward author. Melanie encouraged me to write about something I was passionate about .... movies. So I did. I chose to keep the just because I liked it and, at the time, it fit. Once Melanie & Joe were married, the address felt funny, but enough time had gone by that I didn't want to change it. It helped when they bought me for my 50th birthday. I linked the blogger account, and forgot about it.

Today, my daughter Liza and her boyfriend Ryan got engaged. YAY!, once again, fits. The writing is still awkward, but I hope it's better. And I couldn't be more thrilled to see my children so happy!!! motherofthebride feels pretty good today!

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