Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9

Earlier this week, I saw a few stills and knew a little about District 9. My 1950s head said "boy movie" and dismissed it. I thought I would not appreciate it. When I posted my movie list for the weekend, a friend posted, "District 9 not on the list?" So I went to his review and others. Holy crap, everyone who had seen this film loved it! Ashamed of myself for being so closed minded, it immediately went on the weekend movie list. After seeing it today, I must once again say, "holy crap"! This film is so creative, so crazy and so gory. Open your mind to aliens as a subculture on earth, how they are treated and what they might want. This film is intense and the weaponry is nuts. The final battle scene blew my mind. Be prepared for people popping like bloody balloons (seriously). One of the most impressive films I've seen this year. Thanks Fatboy.


Cuz Peg said...

I'm not a big movie person but one of my favorite genre is SciFi as it allows us to look at our selves without our knowledge. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Get beyond the blood and blown up bodies and there is such an intense, deep movie. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this film. Definitely a "Don't Miss."

Anonymous said...

It's a very good movie and I enjoyed it, though I do feel that its worth is being overinflated by reviews and fans. Still, it's one hell of a flick. I just posted my review.

Linda said...

Peg~Glad you liked it. And this one says so much about the ugly sides of human nature. Loved the acknowledgment of the 3-way struggle at the end. Good guys vs bad guys vs criminals. So awesome!

Victor~I tried to see this before I read too many reviews. Just glad I was encouraged to GO! Hope Blomkamp makes more films, he's a real talent.