Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the Loop

In the Loop is a scathing satire that people seem to love or hate. The film is a British take on words misunderstood and military diplomacy. The film firmly pokes fun at politics and PR. I thought this was smart, sharp, sassy and sarcastic. Very funny. Some of my friends, not so much. I don't mind being contrary.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I've read mostly positive thing about this one. Was thinking about a rental . . . heard Gandolfini was good and it was interesting that the girl from 'My Girl' was in it too.

Linda said...

2D~This one is fine in DVD (I saw it on a screener). Most critics really liked it, I was surprised by the people who told me they didn't. Gandolfini is very good, in fact the whole cast is. Funny to see Chlumsky all grown up, I still think My Girl when I look at her. This one will be a good rental.