Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Music and Misses in DVD

The Soloist is an excellent rental this week A talented musician deals with his condition and his passion. Movies I missed in theaters, and have in my rental queue, are Obsessed, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 and Fragments. Enjoy!


Farzan said...

My sister saw Obsessed in theaters and she said she liked it, but than again, me and her have different views on movies. I wanted to see The Soloist in theaters, but didn't because of the reviews its been getting. I heard its one of this movies that you watch it and like it, but don't want to see it again.

Linda said...

Farzan~Just watched Obsessed. Ugh, possibly the worst movie I've seen this year. The problem w/ the Soloist is that they don't tie everthing up nice and neat. I kind of liked that about it.