Thursday, August 06, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

As a love story, (500) Day of Summer is very one sided. He's hot, she's warm. He's obsessed, she's indifferent. Jumping around in time, Tom's days with Summer are cute and real. Well, written, well acted, well edited. If people don't relate to at least one of the days, I'd be surprised. Unfortunately, my familiarity kicked in around day 428. I'd spoil the ending if I told how my last relationship ended up. I've made progress, I did not cry! Worth a look.


Anonymous said...

(500) Days of Summer totally reeks of awesomeness! I just reviewed it, and I'm looking forward to catching it again once it hits DVD.

Linda said...

Victor~I think this will hold up to multiple viewings. Very well done!