Monday, December 13, 2004

Weekend viewing

The weekend started on Friday, with an early matinee of A Very Long Engagement at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in NYC. It is an excellent French film set in World War I. A young girl pines for her fiance and searches for him after the war. Beautiful cinematography, and awesome acting. The details of war are pretty graphic, but it ends up being a classic love story, I really enjoyed it. By the way, the Sunshine Theater is great!! The day was cold and wet, so I headed to Rocco for a bowl of their minestrone soup, hearty bread and , of course, a strawberry dessert. Then I headed uptown for a later matinee so I'd be near the train station when it was time to meet M, but the theatre was having trouble with the sound on the film so they weren't showing it .... Thwarted, I tried to do a little Christmas shopping.

That night J, M and I watched The Wedding Singer, which is a very cute romantic comedy about the ironies of love and marriage. Adam Sandler was excellent in this movie.

Saturday I was treated to an early Christmas present from M&J, a Broadway musical, Pacific Overtures. The show was very good, and the real treat was meeting J's cousin H who was in the show. It was a great night of theater and spending time with J's family.

On Sunday we saw Oceans Twelve!!!! I was not disappointed. The heist in the film was minor, compared to the characters, the jokes and the twists. A very fun movie with the best male eye candy I've seen in a while. Brad Pitt and Scott Caan were looking good!!

A successful weekend of theater, film and family .... Bring on Christmas!!!

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