Sunday, December 05, 2004

From the Couch

Ever find yourself wandering around the video store for half an hour and leaving with nothing?!!? I used to, and it drove me crazy!! Then I started to link films. Take a film you have enjoyed, research the actors, director, producers and use those links to find other films you might like. is an awesome resource for this information.

This weekend was linking heaven for me. With the opening of Closer, I picked up another Mike Nichols film at the library, Wit. Emma Thompson as a cancer patient, in an incredible portrayal of the humility of being a patient. Only she could make it uplifting. Seeing The Incredibles a few weeks ago, inspired me to see the only Pixar film I had not seen, A Bug's Life. Didn't rock my world, but it was cute, and Kevin Spacey as the voice of the evil grasshopper feeds right into a link to Beyond the Sea (in theaters soon). Seeing Ethan Hawke in Before Sunset recently linked me to The Newton Boys, directed by Richard Linklater, who also directed The School of Rock (whew .... long way to go to get to Jack Black!!!!) And further, if you look up the Newton Boys, imdb recommends Bonnie and Clyde, which they also had at the library ..... woo hoo!!!!! Tonight on TV is Five People You Meet in Heaven, which links me to the best thing I've seen Jeff Daniels do, Blood Work.

After being charmed by Clive Owen's smile in Closer, I'll rent Croupier, just for the eye candy!!! Hey, links don't have to be deep!!! hehe

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