Wednesday, December 08, 2004

R U Star Struck?

I thought I might look at celebrities on Wednesdays. I like to read and hear interviews that offer the insight of the people who make the films I love so much! From prospective projects, to old secrets, I like the inside scoop. I try to get my info from reliable sources, but in this age of sophisticated PR and the "sound bite" that ain't easy. I read a lot of magazines and web-sites, and I like the interviews on the TV entertainment mags and a local morning radio show.

Another interesting source is the first-hand conversation. I have had my share of celebrity encounters, and I'm working on forming intelligent conversation without looking like a prying idiot. I've had the opportunity to talk to filmmakers at film festivals and chance encounters, and it is an effort for a fan like me to be coherent. I tend to get a little star struck and tongue tied, but I'm working on it. More on these encounters later.....

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