Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tis the Season

At the beginning of December most people turn their attention to jingle bells, shopping and parties. To my mind there's plenty of time for that in a few weeks, more important is the start of the film award season. I like to look at all the nominees from the various oganizations that bestow their laurels, and look for patterns and repeat nominees. I especially like to keep tabs of how many nominees I've seen, and then try to catch up!

The independent films will be the most interesting group this year, since the major studios appear to have taken the year off. Viva la indi!!! IFC has announced its nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards, it's a great group of films, I've seen about half. Keep an eye on Garden State, Maria Full of Grace, Motorcycle Diaries and Sideways.

The National Board of Review spread it's awards around, Finding Neverland receiving Best Film and Michael Mann and Zach Braff got directorial nods .... well deserved!! British Independent Film Awards gave Vera Drake a huge nod and the Gotham Awards loved Sidways.

The beauty of this season is that it runs through till the end of February woo hoo!!!

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