Thursday, December 09, 2004

Film Paradise

Well I'm off to NYC tomorrow to spend a day in the big city!!! I know I should do some Christmas shopping (I'll try), but I am most looking forward to the films I can see.

I have a soft spot for the independent films that either don't make it to RI, or just take forever to get here. In NYC, the theaters are everywhere, and so many of these great films are playing. It is truly Film Paradise.

I promised M&J that I would wait to see Oceans Twelve with them, so that's off the list for Friday (believe me, I'll see it before the weekend is over). I think I'll haunt lower Manhattan, where I can find films like Born into Brothels, Kinsey, Bad Education, House of Flying Daggers, Vera Drake and more!!! It makes my head spin!! I have all day, so I'm going to try to see a couple. A couple of years ago Landmark Theaters renovated the old Sunshine Theater on Houston St., I'd like to check it out.

Of course, when in NYC one must eat well. I see an afternoon break at Rocco in my future, and maybe a corned beef sandwich at Katz deli(famous location of the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally). I think there's a Belgian french fry stand down on Houston too ... yum!!!!

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