Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Jersey Shore

Out in DVD today are a couple of films I really enjoyed.

Open Water is a story of a couple's vacation that goes bad when they are left behind after a scuba trip. The fact that they are in tropical waters inhabited by sharks,was played up in the trailers, but the film is really about human emotions that take over when people are in a desperate situation. The film is about the people, not the sharks. Well worth seeing, but not a happy film.

Zach Braff's Garden State is one of the best films released this year. A dark comedy about a guy who comes home after his mother's death, and deals with himself and his life, and falls in love. Braff wrote, directed and stars in this film ... quite a debut!! Natalie Portman plays his love interest and leaves Star Wars far behind!

Another nice love story is Wimbeldon. Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany play a pair of love-struck tennis players, in a forbidden affair. The dialogue is clever and the story well written. This film was a pleasant surprise.

On the New Jersey theme, another movie I liked from this summer, was Jersey Girl. I know, I know, Ben and Jen..... silly light comedy, but it has its moments. Raquel Castro, who plays Afflek's daughter, steals every scene she's in, it's a cute story. Will Smith has a great cameo appearance and Lopez has a meltdown scene that is the only acting I have ever seen her do (she's crying about looking fat at 8 months pregnant). A silly movie, but not bad if you are in the mood for something light.

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