Monday, December 06, 2004

Deserved Hype

There are three movies set to be released in the next few weeks that are getting a lot of hype, and interestingly, it looks like it's deserved.

Oceans Twelve is one of my most anticipated movies this year. Oceans Eleven was so entertaining, and oh those gorgeous guys!!!! Ahem ... Oceans Twelve looks like a great heist romp and they've added more hunks, what more could we want!?!?

I thought the Aviator would be another overblown biopic, but it looks like it might actually be worth a watch. Though it does drive me crazy when the entertainmet TV mags ask the actors about Oscar buzz. That has to be embarassing (though flattering) when the film hasn't even come out yet.

In the tradition of Meet the Parents, please let Meet the Fockers be as funny as it looks. I always worry that we've seen the funniest stuff in the clips (hope not). Though my favorite moment of all the publicity for this movie was James Brolin saying that now he could call his wife Mother Focker!!!!! If nothing else, we find out that Babs has a sense of humor!!

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